My latest drawing: The Sparrow and the unraveling moon, a mixed media artwork: graphite (dark wash), paper, ink, plaster on wood panel, measuring 16″x16″ and 1.5″ deep.
It went through many stages – it started with the flowers, wasn’t quite sure where it will go. I worked from bottom up.
Artwork available in my shop.




I found this beautiful piece of barn wood, painted red – I usually end up drawing on wood, but this time it was asking for painting, a light watercolor painting combined with graphite on plaster.

The artwork measures 46″x12″

landscape-ingrid blixt

Some details:




Big gap in my posts, I was moving, and packing … and unpacking…

Finished this icon I was working on for a while, started with a Byzantine icon and I really wanted to make an icon with graphite, a contemporary Byzantine style icon, i guess.

Measures 14″x14″, graphite dark wash on wood, silver leaf. Available in my shop.


I low light:


Here are three new encaustics I just finished – with road trips in mind, more dynamic times and warmer weather.

open journey

open journey

open journey III

Wrapped up everything a bit late – I finished quite a few new pieces, all encaustics and they are listed in my two shops: Ingrid Art Studio and Bright Day.
I also got a chance to actually take pictures and list some of the new recycled watch parts pendants: you can view the line in my Open Journey gallery/store.

The Owls look really awesome right now on my studio wall as a group…will be sad separating them :-)NEWS_12b


Dear Friends,

Here is the studio Cyber Monday sale – 25% off your entire purchase! Starting now including Cyber Monday in all stores: Bright Day, Inked and Ingrid Art Studio.
Use code: CyberMonday2013 in any of the shops to apply the holiday discount.
Any questions, feel free to send a note.

Blissful Holidays ahead!


Another ‘Illustration and a line’, and this time, I think, the following fragment is my favorite – I remember this was the fragment that sealed the deal and made me think, yes, I very much want to illustrate this book…

“It is inside this house that one night the phone rings and rings in the darkness, and I get up, sure that is ringing, wondering why the silence rests so heavily in the house, wondering why nobody hears the phone ringing but me, and I go through the dark to where the phone is, without being able to see it, and lift it and hold it to my ear and I listen to the silence of stars.”


by Darby Mitchell
City of Bones, River of Blood

Here is the latest studio newsletter – in case you are not subscribed to it (which you can do here)  – featuring an ‘End of Summer’ studio artwork sale.
I decided to have an “End of Summer” sale. I have a few artworks that I have been enjoying for a while in my studio and thought it’s your turn now, with a bit of encouragement on my side now are more than affordable – 60% off.

The artworks are in the SALE section of my store. There is a nice variety of sizes and mediums, the stars being the three black bird graphite drawings. Hope you’ll find something that speaks to you!

To receive the 60% discount, please apply at checkout  the following code: WINGS
The code will take of 60% off your purchase – please use it only for artworks in the SALE section. If you would like to add non-sale artwork to your order you will have to place a new order and I will combine the shipping afterwards.

If you have any questions at all, feel free send me an email .

The sale will end October 20th.

Stages for the third piece in the Beatitudes series -5:4

‘Blessed are those who mourn: for they will be comforted.’

The first three pieces are in Grand Rapids right now in the Art Prize show. Didn’t get the chance to take pictures of all three artworks in the series together yet.

Below: graphite and silver leaf on wood panel.


I just remembered I liked the black dog theme a lot and I made, later on,  a drawing version of this illustration



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