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Ingrid Art STudio News #15

With a great public reception which took place last Friday, the exhibit Breathe Fire. Drink Water. Repeat continues until October 7th at River’s Edge Gallery, Wyandotte MI.

Here are some images from the opening:

I’m very excited about the upcoming show my work will be featured in. I just brought 30+ artworks to the gallery!

It opens September 5 and the reception is set for Friday Sept 19th. Please join us if you are able!!


Fulfilling their purpose, without doubt and any hesitation,  the featured elements – the crow and utility lines generate power and calm. I love finding peace in unexpected situations.
Graphite on wood panel and plaster, measures 28″x18″.

Below are the stages the artwork went through:






A generous subject for drawing, I thought- the Typewriter is a graphite drawing on wood panel and plaster. Measures 24″x24″ and 1″ deep.


A new workshop coming up at Ledge Craft Lane:


Winged: Graphite drawing workshop, August 7th 2014

It will be a graphite texture and form study of birds, feather and wings. We will be using water soluble graphite on plaster treated wood panels.

Please see the above link for more info!

I started this drawing a few years ago, I though it was finished just having the subtle woman profile as main element. After seeing it for months in my studio, I thought it really needed something else, so I added the birds. I like it this way, it’s done.

The artwork measures 24″x24″, graphite drawing, white charcoal on plaster and wood panel.

Available in shop

Finding Home by Ingrid Blixt

Below are details from the drawing:

2014-06-03--FIXED 2014-06-03-22 2014-06-03-22.38 2014-06-03-22.36 2014-06-03-22.32

I actually think all springs are busy, it’s just the nature of it. I also got to spend lots of time in my studio and new artworks were made! I revisited the good old barn wood and made a few barn wood encaustics also I finally decided to so some artworks on the utility pole subject – it’s been on my mind for quite a while and I used it here and there but not like this time. I never had a sure answer for why I like the theme and the images of utility poles with all the tangled wires. I find them just beautiful.



All the new pieces together with the new barn wood pieces can be viewed and purchased in my gallery shop (also there’s a 10% off on all – code: FINALLYSPRING) – this in case you do not receive my newsletter.

Below is one of the barn wood encaustics:


My latest drawing: The Sparrow and the unraveling moon, a mixed media artwork: graphite (dark wash), paper, ink, plaster on wood panel, measuring 16″x16″ and 1.5″ deep.
It went through many stages – it started with the flowers, wasn’t quite sure where it will go. I worked from bottom up.
Artwork available in my shop.




I found this beautiful piece of barn wood, painted red – I usually end up drawing on wood, but this time it was asking for painting, a light watercolor painting combined with graphite on plaster.

The artwork measures 46″x12″

landscape-ingrid blixt

Some details:





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