The Black Dog: Fragments from City of Bones, River of Blood

A few years ago, I got this great opportunity to illustrate a beautiful novel: City of Bones, River of Blood, by Darby Mitchell

Weekly, I post on the writer’s blog a fragment and an illustration from her book. I thought I should post this on my blog too.

One of the amazing things about this novel is the sense of humor throughout the book in spite of tragedies revealed. The theme of the black dog appears rhythmically in the novel, creating a musical background…very interesting.


An illustration and a fragment:


“When I began this novel that I now call CITY of BONES, I thought it was about a shoemaker in the blue work shirt who left his shop by the river and walked in the heat of the day up the mountain – then I got to thinking this book is about the shoemaker’s boy waiting for me in the heat of the noonday sun.

Then I thought the novel was about Creeping Willy who killed Mary DuPontie …

But now I think the novel is about that damned dog.

Time will tell.”


By Darby Mitchell


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