Studio newsletter: wings sale

Here is the latest studio newsletter – in case you are not subscribed to it (which you can do here)  – featuring an ‘End of Summer’ studio artwork sale.
I decided to have an “End of Summer” sale. I have a few artworks that I have been enjoying for a while in my studio and thought it’s your turn now, with a bit of encouragement on my side now are more than affordable – 60% off.

The artworks are in the SALE section of my store. There is a nice variety of sizes and mediums, the stars being the three black bird graphite drawings. Hope you’ll find something that speaks to you!

To receive the 60% discount, please apply at checkout  the following code: WINGS
The code will take of 60% off your purchase – please use it only for artworks in the SALE section. If you would like to add non-sale artwork to your order you will have to place a new order and I will combine the shipping afterwards.

If you have any questions at all, feel free send me an email .

The sale will end October 20th.

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