The Good news

I like to do a recap of the Sunday Mass homily and usually I post it on IG and FB but I will post them on my blog as well.

At the start of this second week of advent, Fr. Vincent from our St. Gerard Parish in Lansing MI, was reminding us of the two main seasons in Michigan, winter and road construction season 🙂 The road construction analogy is great especially for advent- advent is a season of construction and reconstruction of our hearts, minds and souls. Even though it is inconvenient, disturbing from the normal course of everyday life, it will result in a smooth road ahead.
The gospel reading for today shows John the Baptist who came to “Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight his paths” Mark 1: 1-8
John the Baptist was quite a character, wearing the camel hair clothing, eating wild honey and locusts, crazy for God! And he had a great following too. We heard of honey and locusts in the Old testament, where honey is the promise of God and locusts are a plague, so it is so interesting how these two meet in John the Baptist.
The beginning of the Good news of Jesus starts with repentance, the Good news requires a transformation of heart and mind. John prepares the way of the Lord preaching repentance, he says: it is not about me, it’s about the One that comes after me- I must decrease and He must increase. The way of reconstruction is filled with obstacles, including this big one: pride. Pride is not open for further opportunity to grow. Pride does not give way to the humble state of heart and mind. Only without pride we can let Jesus increase and us decrease.
Do not be diverted from the reason we are celebrating Christmas, we have to go through the reconstruction of hearts and minds, we are celebrating God coming into human flesh, changing our lives forever!
With patience we must restore that relationship with Him so we can receive the Good News!

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