Remain in my Love

“Remain in my Love ” –
and ” Love one another as I love you”…Jesus says. It is impossible to remain unmoved by these statements.
My Mass takeaway is in these super readings and our priest’s awesome homily. It was crazy good and so much to learn from it:
“No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. ”
This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to die but to give away preferences for what other people love and what is beneficial for them. You see this as parents every day, and you don’t do it once, but over and over and over again! The constant decision to lay down one’s life for family and friends.
With God is this CONSTANT decision, constant outpouring of love.
We have this remarkable ability to deny God… I’m busy right now…come back later… And He respects this choice – amazing reality. He will not force us, instead he asks us, he begs us … please, I am your friend, remain in my Love. He is begging us to just receive his love. That’s how much he wants us to receive his love and joy. We do receive it, and not just in church, at the altar, and we take it out, to the world because there are people out there who, by receiving your light and the Word would also lay down their lives.
Now, on the other hand, who in my life I am unwilling to make sacrifices for? ASK God to meet you right there! Ask for love – LOVE has this amazing ability to multiply when is given. Has this amazing capacity to be infinite. Love is the only infinite capacity, we, as mortals can have access to. ASK God for that incredible grace to continue laying down your life for others!

Bible journaling entry for John 15: 9-17

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