Divine Mercy

Just finalized this Divine Mercy painting and the very cool part was I was painting it during the Divine Mercy Sunday celebration! It made it very special.

A Divine Mercy image version, depicting Jesus pouring out His Mercy over anyone who draws near. Christ holds a hand up in blessing and the with the other one pointing to His Sacred Heart, from which blood and water gushed forth as a fount of Mercy for the entire world. The white rays stand for water which make the soul righteous and the red rays stand for the Blood which is the life of souls.
This very special image is inspired from St. Faustina’s revelations and words.

My original painting is acrylic on a salvaged barn wood door, 30×44.

Giclee prints and note cards are now available in the studio shop. If you take a look, you will see there is a version which has “Jesus, I trust in you ” prayer across the lower section of the painting. The original does not have the words, although I really wanted to have a version with the prayer.
Also note cards! How awesome for giving!

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