Seeds of hope

A new creative bible study was launched this month: Seeds of Hope.

It is a great interactive and creative faith study beneficial in so many ways.

This creative bible study kit  focuses on the Hope we have to awaken our hearts to more often. It looks at people, ourselves, the beauty around us, the Word of God and Christ as being Seeds of Hope and how can we spread it these seeds.

The bundle of goodies is a creative kit for Bible journaling and creative Bible study, supplying artwork in a variety of forms:  printouts on card stock, clear sticker paper and white sticker paper, along with clear polymer stamps and beautiful paper die cuts. The devotional booklet contains numerous Bible verse (over 40) references and a devotional to keep you in the Word for many days! And more the better!

Designed and illustrated  by artist Ingrid Blixt (Ingrid Art Studio).

Available in my Open Journey shop:

I have daily posts and entries using the kit on IG @openJourney

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